At Pharmacia, the value of discovery is measured in the longer, fuller and healthier lives of people across Canada and around the world. Pharmacia is passionate in its pursuit of new medicines and treatments to improve health and wellness.

Worldwide, Pharmacia invests more than $3 billion (Canadian) annually in research and development. The efforts of these initiatives are yielding many new and potential treatments for various medical conditions including arthritis, pain, cancer, glaucoma, depression and infectious disease.

Pharmacia was the first to develop a revolutionary new treatment for arthritis that focussed on the critical role played by the COX-2 enzyme in this disease and in inflammation. The company also discovered the world’s most prescribed medication for glaucoma, the world’s leading prescription therapy for overactive bladder, and one of the most effective first-line treatments for colorectal cancer, which is the first new therapy for this deadly disease to reach patients in more than 40 years. Our most recent innovations include the discovery of a new antibiotic — the first medicine developed from an entirely new class of antibiotics in more than 30 years.

In Canada, Pharmacia’s $40 million research and development investment provides vital job opportunities for the country’s scientists and researchers. The company conducts more than 100 clinical trials each year in Canada, involving some 500 physicians and more than 10,000 patients.